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6 things to know before going to a cannabis dispensary.

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

If you are going to a cannabis dispensary in Oakland you’ll have many options to try. But before you embark on your marijuana hunt, we wanted to tell you about the things you need to know before you go and marry one establishment.


There are many Oakland Dispensaries, so you have many options to try, but before you embark on your marijuana hunt, we wanted to tell you about the things you need to know before you go and marry one establishment.

These things are essential if you want to commit to a place that will satisfy all your needs and that you feel comfortable purchasing from.

1. Local Cannabis Law

First things first, you need to know what you have to bring to buy your product.

  • Bring your ID, your driver’s license, or anything that proves that you are +21.

  • Do not try to buy more marijuana than you legally can, any dispenser that knows your ID will know how much you have bought any day, stick to the legal dose and make sure to buy the right amount to enjoy it.

If you don’t bring your ID there’s zero chance a proper cannabis dispenser will let you buy, so make sure to double check you packed it.

Can you bring children?

We recommend you don’t. To enter a dispensary you have to be +18, do not make everyone at the shop uncomfortable by bringing a kid that does not understand what’s going on.

Can you bring a friend?

Of course! As long as your friend is +21, go ahead and bring them! If you both can prove your age, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you have a prescription?

If you are medically prescribed marijuana and you are 18-20, you can purchase marijuana in California, just don’t forget to bring your prescription.

If you want to know more about medical marijuana check out this blog from Harvard University.

Not a US resident?

Even if you’re not a US resident, you can enter a dispensary if you’re +21 years old. Bring your ID so you can purchase.

Dispensaries are like any establishment that sells products for adults, they could get in deep trouble if they serve minors, so don’t be offended if they request ID, instead, it should reassure you that it is a serious shop.

2. Quality

Going to a dispensary in Oakland should be a good time. You should enter and know that you will leave happy as a kid on Halloween!

But tough choices have to be made to enjoy your weed blunt in peace.

Be sure to ask away about the quality of the product, it doesn’t matter how cool the packaging looks, you need to look for how it’s made, where the bud is from, and how strong the dose is. Or else you will be sad and disappointed.

Be on the lookout for mold or bad smells, and ask questions to your budtender to make sure you understand what you’re buying.

Questions you may want to ask:

  • Where do the strains come from?

  • How do they get their cannabis?

  • How fresh it is?

  • Do they grow onsite?

  • Where is the bud from?

If they can answer all these questions it means they know what they are providing and are not just there to show face.

If you'd like to know more about the quality of cannabis take a look at this great article.


3. Variety

You may already know what you’re looking for and don’t need variety. But if you would like to explore options, you have to know that not all dispensaries have them.

Some dispensaries have a variety of products. You can try edibles, tinctures, cartridges, and more.

But you also want to think about potency. This means that you get to choose how much you are consuming and how it will affect you.

We recommend that you look for a place that is up to your needs. That you get to choose from a range of products and find the one that will suit you the most, not just buy because it’s there and you want to leave with a purchase.

Marijuana is no joke, if you want to have a good time, you better choose well!

4. Atmosphere

Make sure you find a place where you feel comfortable to take your time and enjoy your visit.

No one likes to be rushing while shopping, so if you like the budtenders and the people who go there seem nice or have great vibes, stick with it.

It will also give you the confidence to ask questions and you'll be in a better mood when you buy the products.

5. Budtenders

Budtenders are exactly what you think, they are the ones who know everything about the product and can help you make an informed decision based on your needs.

So don’t be afraid to ask your budtender about things to try or doses. They are there for that specific reason, not just to ring you or stand there.

These people are trained and know everything about what they are selling and are passionate about cannabis.

If you encounter a budtender who’s rude or doesn’t like to answer questions, rethink your decision to buy there. He might be acting like that because the product is bad or doesn’t even know what they’re selling.

6. Delivery

Many dispensaries have delivery, yes! Marijuana delivery! So if that’s a big must for you, make sure to find one that checks all the boxes, including one that will get your product to your house.

This service is very useful for people who might not be able to make it to the store or have a prescription so just need to order what they need and that’s it.

Choosing a cannabis dispensary

Do not let anyone tell you that it doesn’t matter which dispensary you choose. If you don’t want to spend months changing your dispensary because they keep letting you down or can’t find what you need, make sure to scout the place that checks all the boxes above.

Once you choose the one, you will create bonds with the place and the people who work there, so choose well and happy trip!

If you are looking to buy cannabis in your area, check out our Grizzly Peak’s locations right here.


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