Genetics (Animal Mintz back crossed)

Get ready for this refreshing Grizzly Peak premium strain that is unmatched. Animal Mintz BX 1 is backcrossed to produce a rare and potent chemovar that is a must-try for any cannabis connoisseur and novice alike. Each gorgeous trichome-drenched bud has deep purple and lavender hues that are sticky to the touch. Once you open the jar, a pungent release of aromatic notes fill the room with berries, and that's only a small taste of what's to come. On the first exhale, the flavor profile comes to life on your palate and ushers in a unique high that is simultaneously euphoric and relaxing. Perfect for an end of day smoke that provides intense mood elevation with extreme euphoria and promotes tranquility. A one-of-a-kind experience that melts away pain relief and calms the mind, ideal for an evening of unwinding into bedtime.



Genetics (OGKB x Mendo Montage)

Bay Breath is a Grizzly Peak exclusive indica-dominant hybrid that produces calming and tranquil effects with every exhale. OGKB and Mendo Montage come together in this tasty strain featuring fruit and pepper notes that looks as good as it tastes. Bay Breath’s frosty and dense nugs are covered in orange pistils, which showcases Grizzly Peak’s ability to consistently grow high-quality cannabis. This potent strain provides an uplifting and creative high that evolves into a quieting peacefulness for most consumers. Perfect for an evening of unwinding and leaning into relaxing activities without immediately going to sleep.



Genetics (Humboldt OG x Reserve OG x Humboldt Gelato)

Bling is the next generation of Grizzly Peak strains that you didn't know you needed. Humboldt OG x Reserve OG x Humboldt Gelato blend harmoniously together to create a dynamic experience incomparable to anything else on the market. Each light green bud is drenched in trichomes making each manicured nug shine like diamonds in the jar. Like expensive perfume, Bling has an incredibly rich and sugary smell with floral notes that complement the soft vanilla finish that’s only amplified when smoked. The creamy expansive flavor profile flourishes upon exhale, intensifying the hints of berry and unlimited sweetness. Bling is a decadent chemovar that immediately makes your day more alluring by releasing anxiety and producing a carefree high, ideal for social events and unwinding at home.



Genetics (Boost x Tangelo)

Citrus Boost stays true to its name with a distinct citrus scent. Connoisseurs will detect a faint cheesey funk on the back-end. This sativa gives you a pleasant brain-boost while leaving the body relaxed.



Genetics (Face Off x GSC)

Dosido is an indica-dominant hybrid ideal for a consumer looking for a sedative strain with a boost of cerebral activity. The genetics are Face Off and GSC, which marries the massive body effects of Face Off with the mental stimulation that GSC is known to produce. Each dense bud has lime green and purple leaves. Packing a bowl with these sticky nugs will delight any expert as the pungent aromas release. Dosido has a floral taste that complements the earthy and citrus tones with a unique terpene profile that brings on bright and harmonious effects. Be prepared for cerebral stimulation as you enter a peaceful, dream-like state. Great for creative projects that don’t require immense movement as Dosido provides substantial body-focused effects making it perfect for unwinding as it promotes pain relief.



Genetics (Grape Pie x Animal Cookies)

Granimals is a coveted indica from Grizzly Peak that’s a favorite amongst consumers. Grape Pie and Animal Cookies combine, creating a uniquely sweet terpene profile that boasts purple and lime green crystal dusted buds. Granimals smells like freshly baked cookies, with hints of linalool alongside fruit and fragrant notes. This chemovar immediately melts anxiety away with each sugary hit. Upon exhale, you’ll be left with a floral flavor that fades into a confectionary after-taste. Granimals is a potent strain that creates a sedative high making it ideal for those in search of a giggly, slowing, and quieting experience that’s perfect for an end of day smoke that gently lays you down into a peaceful sleep.



Genetics (Master Kush x OG Kush)

Grizzly OG is a popular Kush hybrid that embodies the best qualities of the classic kush experience. Master Kush and OG Kush are the genetics behind this earthy and balanced strain that leaves the user feeling euphoric and carefree. Every nug has lime-green and emerald hues with orange pistils interwoven on each dense bud with intense earthy notes alongside wood and diesel that comes to life with every hit. On exhale, expect a sharp lemon taste that's refreshing and reviving, just like the high. This strain is a surprisingly clear-headed experience with an intense body high, making it an excellent pairing for unwinding and releasing daily tension. Grizzly OG will add a boost of happiness to your evening while letting you ease into an evening of rejuvenation and relaxation.



Genetics (GDP x Sherbet )

King Kong is a relaxing indica that will have you believing you’re smoking the eighth wonder of the world. Two house favorites, GDP and Sherbet, are the genetics behind his powerful strain. King Kong’s massive buds appear coated in trichomes with orange hairs diffused throughout each dense and sticky nug that releases an intense aroma as you pack a bowl. King Kong has an earthy nose, with a powerful skunk and citrus finish, making it immediately uplifting with every hit. Upon inhalation, most users feel pain relief disappear and euphoria kicking in, making it the perfect accompaniment for an evening of leisure to instantly improve sleep and destroy insomnia.



Genetics (Pink Cookies x Purple Punch)

Milk Bar is Grizzly Peak exclusive hybrid that tastes like its straight from a bakery. Pink Cookies and Purple Punch are the delectable genetics behind this stunning strain. The fluffy lavender buds appear to have been rolled in sugar, drenched with trichomes preluding to the sweetness of each hit. Strong notes of vanilla and vibrant floral flavors harmonize effortlessly, producing a smooth and velvety smoke experience that immediately enhances your mood. This is a dynamic hybrid that plays off your existing energy level, leaving you feeling relaxed without any additional drowsiness. Allowing the weightless euphoria to be accessible at any time of day, making it perfect for social gatherings, movies, and everything in-between. Milk Bar is a creamy and calming chemovar that’s a must-try for all consumers.



Genetics (Dosido X Mendo Breath)

PB Breath is a Grizzly Peak Farms’ premier hybrid that will add euphoria and calmness to any day. Dosido and Mendo Breath are the genetics behi nd this potent and flavorful favorite. With lavender and purple buds, each fluffy nug is sticky to the touch with a pungent aroma. PB Breath features a dynamic terpene profile with an earthy and nutty scent alongside creamier notes that come alive with every hit. Upon exhale, you’re hooked by the sweet and fruity flavor, which lingers on your palate and immediately leads the consumer into a deep state of peacefulness. This unique chemovar provides a giggly experience and a boost of euphoria to each session. It’s a refreshing strain that leaves the user feeling light and comfortable without compromising energy, making it the perfect go-to for any occasion.



Genetics (Sour Diesel x Banana Sherbet)

Sour Banana is a Grizzly Peak classic hybrid strain that leaves the user feeling soothed with the perfect amount of energy. Sour Diesel and Banana Sherbert are the genetics to this flawlessly paired funky strain. Coated in trichomes, this frosty strain is meticulously manicured to showcase this gorgeous and potent chemovar. Sour Banana’s name rings true, with powerful banana notes and a punch of sour at the end. The taste is where this strain really shines, the bright and savory profile has a distinct flavor that will immediately ease the user and delight even the most experienced smokers' taste buds. A genuinely fitting strain for any time of day, you’ll feel refreshed and serene after every hit you take.



Genetics (Sunset Sherbert x NY Diesel)

Coming through strong with that signature mouthwatering terpene profile that lingers on the palette and brings you to just the right head space whether you’re trying to have a productive or relaxed day.



Genetics (GElato x OG Kush)

Y-Life is a sativa dominant hybrid that brings a burst of energy with every hit. This cerebrally stimulating strain is perfect for creative activities without inducing the need to sleep, and still promotes calmness. Cherry Pie and Gelato come together as the genetics of Grizzly Peak's mouthwatering strain. True to the parent lineage, Y-Life is a vibrant choice for a consumer searching for a smooth smoking session. Each bud is coated in trichomes and is sticky to the touch with a flavorful exhale.



Genetics (Zkittez x Tangy)

Be-La Blues is a sativa dominant hybrid that will chase the blues away. Consumer favorites Zkittlez and Tangy merge to create a citrus-forward experience that’s both bright and elevating. Each of these dense, sticky buds produces robust pinene and limonene notes that are exhilarating and uplifting. With a terpene profile like this, the flavor delivers an earthy and refreshing aftertaste that invites a lightly stimulating quality without being overwhelming for most. Every Be-La Blues hit welcomes a pleasant high, excellent for tasks that require focus without causing a jittery response—a favorite for accomplishing creative projects and adding a boost of euphoria to any daily routine.



Genetics (SFV OG Fire OG)

Big Steve Parish from the Grateful Dead is a legendary member whose personality is as big as the tokes he takes. Grizzly Peak Farms and Big Steve Parish teamed up to create a signature cannabis blend as iconic as him - Big Steve OG! This gassy strain is heavy-hitting and body-focused, perfect for cannabis connoisseurs, and those who have seen a thing or two in their day.
SFV OG and Fire OG make this strain ideal for people looking for calming and euphoric strains. Big Steve OG is a myrcene heavy chemovar that's great for relaxation, featuring hints of limonene for mood elevation, making this the ideal strain for someone who wants a well-rounded smoke.



Genetics (Cream Soda x SFVOG)

C.R.E.A.M. is a Grizzly Peak premier Indica strain unlike any other. With genetics like Cream Soda and SFV OG this strain is perfect for consumers looking to unwind after a long day. Euphoric effects are released with each exhale allowing consumers to feel loose and relaxed. C.R.E.A.M has powerful uplifting effects paired with the ability to abate anxiety and stimulate one’s appetite. Distinguishable aromatic notes of citrus and creamy vanilla swirl together to create a delectable terpene profile left lingering on the palate.



Genetics (Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies)

Club Soda is a Sativa-Dominant hybrid that brings together the best of both Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies in a euphoric and stimulating way. Each fluffy emerald bud is covered in trichomes that carries a powerful gassy nose and tastes exactly as it smells. Club Soda has lingering sweet notes that are amplified with each smooth hit, a perfect strain for someone who enjoys a fragrant and floral cannabis experience. This strain is one that makes you laugh like it’s your first-time smoking. Immensely mood elevating, making it an excellent pairing for watching movies and social gatherings. It provides the perfect amount of mental euphoria and calmness without depleting your exiting energy level, giving you the best of both worlds.



Genetics (Blue Dream x Dream Star)

Double Trouble is a potent sativa that offers a bright boost of euphoria and cerebral activity. Blue Dream and Dream Star create this hazy and uplifting chemovar that’s nothing short of a walking dream. The jade nugs are delicately draped in trichomes that shine in the light with fiery orange pistils poking through the perfectly manicured buds. From the moment you open the jar, you’re smacked with a refreshing blast of pinene and skunk notes on the tail-end. Given the pungent aroma, the flavor comes as a pleasant surprise. Sweetness is at the forefront of every hit, with hints of fruit and a robust finish. Double Trouble is a complex chemovar that offers mental activity and energy, without risking overstimulation. This strain promotes calmness and euphoria while creating a dream-like effect that’s perfect for social hangouts and unwinding after a long day.



Genetics (Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze)

Grizzly Haze is a Grizzly Peak Farms exclusive sativa that gives users the ultimate euphoric experience. With a sweet aroma with notes of limonene and pinene, the terpene profile showcases the potential effects' brightness. Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze are the genetics of Grizzly Haze, allowing for the perfect combination of exhilaration and energy with plenty of cerebral stimulation. This clear-headed chemovar provides a strong lift, ideal for consumers looking to embrace elation's mood elevation and nuances. Grizzly Haze is excellent for an experienced user interested in an uptick in energy and cerebral activity.



Genetics (Superman OG x SFV OG)

Hadouken is an indica dominant hybrid known for its mood-enhancing effects that lull you into relaxation without instantly sending you down for the count. Grizzly Peak Farm's premium strain has an earthy aroma, allowing the myrcene to pull through and produce sedative effects in this OG heavy strain. Hadouken is known for its pain relief and is an excellent addition to any night in. Superman OG and SFV OG are the parent strains to this OG classic. Hadouken has dense, triangular buds covered in trichomes and orange pistils that are meticulously manicured to perfection.



Genetics (Lava Cake x Mendo Breath)

Lava Breath is a heavy indica that brings warmth to the body upon every exhale. With parent strains like Lava Cake x Mendo Breath, consumers can expect immediate pain relief as each muscle in your body becomes more tranquil with every hit. Identified by its densely packed green and purple buds with orange pistils spewing out, and fiercely caked in trichomes. Flavors of creamy vanilla and smooth caramel terpenes come oozing out like lava onto your palate. Lava Breath is the ultimate stress reliever for consumers looking to put their mind and body into a deep state of relaxation.



Genetics (Lemon OG X Ghost OG)

Motherland is a stimulating sativa strain that is known for its mild boost of energy and cerebral clarity. Ghost OG and Lemon OG are the genetics behind this uplifting favorite. Each dense bud is crystal coated and sticky to the touch, with fragrant gas and berry notes that brings an intense flavor with it. From start to finish, each hit is an immediate burst of fuel with citrus that lingers on your palate making it a can’t miss for anyone in search of a bright experience. Motherland is a potent strain that lets you home in on a task without feeling overwhelmed by the effects making it a perfect complement to a busy day or a creative session.



Genetics (Star Dog x Mac – 1, pheno 1)

F Mazar is a stimulating hybrid known for a calming and bright daytime strain that leans gracefully into an evening of relaxation. The familiar peppery and pungent aroma generates a smooth and relaxing sensation while remaining cerebrally active. SF Mazar is ideal for movie watching activities that are sedative without compromising a head high. SF Mazar features a bright terpene profile rich with berry and fruit notes that lend to its peaceful experience. The chemovar is elevating and balanced, making a great versatile strain for both novice and experienced consumers.



Genetics (Chem Dawg x Sour Diesel)

Sumo Smash is an uplifting sativa dominant hybrid produced by Grizzly Peak Farms. Known for its elating effects, Sumo Smash is a cerebrally stimulating chemovar that has mild focusing qualities. Perfect for accomplishing creative tasks and work that require you to be mentally active, this strain features a vibrant terpene profile that will impress the most experienced cannabis user.
Chem Dawg and Sour Diesel come together in this exhilarating strain that promotes mood elevation without a massive energy boost. Many find Sumo Smash to excite cerebral clarity and energize the mind, with bursts of pinene and woodsy aromas that shine vibrantly through.



Genetics (Sunset Sherbert x Mac 1)

Sunset Mac is a balanced hybrid that features relaxation and euphoria at the forefront of each experience. This strain generates mood-elevating qualities while simultaneously removing tension and uneasiness without compromising energy. Sunset Sherbert and Mac 1 are the genetics that are both known for their traditional hybrid effects that come together in Sunset Mac. The flavor profile shines through with hints of citrus and can reinvigorate even the dullest day.



Genetics (AK-47 x Fire OG)

Yoga Fire is an indica dominant strain that won’t disappoint. AK-47 and Fire OG come together in this extremely potent strain, best for seasoned users looking for the ultimate stoney experience. Yoga Fire has orange pistils that shoot up through each manicured bud that looks like it's set aflame, and wait until you do. Every exhale will transform the pungent OG skunk scent into a flavorful smoke with citrus and herbal notes at the forefront. This strain is optimal for sleep and treating insomnia for most consumers that will provide a giggly euphoria that keeps you laughing until you inevitably knock out for the night.



Genetics (Banana x Cherry Pie)

Banana Pie is an indica dominant hybrid that provides a calming effect with a flavor profile that tastes as good as it smells. Banana Pie is a potent strain that boasts high cannabinoids and a unique terpene profile with sweet and nutty notes that produces a bright euphoria without an additional boost of energy. Banana Kush and Cherry Pie are the parent strains of Banana Pie, a sought-after cross for many cannabis connoisseurs known to be great for unwinding without feeling overly stimulated.



Genetics (Snoop's Blue Dream x Scott's OG)

Blanka is a Grizzly Peak premier sativa hybrid strain that leaves you feeling elevated and alert. Snoop’s Blue Dream and Scott’s OG are the genetics behind this extremely balanced chemovar that will leave you in a giggly dream-like state while relaxing every muscle in your body. The trichome-dense buds have a myriad of vibrant greens with orange pistils on each luscious nug that exudes a deep herbal scent. The syrupy smoke is smooth and flavorful on exhale enhancing the earthy taste, allowing terpenes abundant in the strain to shine through. Pinene and myrcene fuse to produce a hypnotic effect that is sedative while remaining bright and cerebral, making Blanka a great addition to any day. From errands to kicking back and watching a movie, this adaptable strain will not disappoint.



Genetics (Lumpas OG x Headband)

Chun-Li OG is a Grizzly Peak Farm's exclusive that embodies only the best qualities of a classic OG. Featuring notes of pinene and myrcene, this strain will KO even the most experienced cannabis consumer. This premier Indica flower offers an immediately sedative experience, with a massive hit to the body just as you'd expect from Chun-Li herself. With genetics like Lumpas OG and Headband, consumers can expect similarities to the parental strains, including gassy and pain-relieving effects, without sacrificing euphoria. With genetics like Lumpas OG and Headband, consumers can expect similarities to the parental strains, including gassy and pain-relieving effects, without sacrificing euphoria.



Genetics (Star Dog x Mac – 1, pheno 3)

Cream Soda is a proportional strain that blends the best of both indicas and sativas by offering the consumer the ability to loosen up while maintaining mildly alert and euphoric effects. Perfect at home social gatherings, Cream Soda produces smooth and bubbly effects just as the name suggests. Star Dog and Mac are the genetics of Cream Soda. These parent strains have produced a sweet and rare terpene profile that shines through, integrating citrus notes, vanilla flavors, and grapes' fruity impressions. Each bud is covered in trichomes that sparkle in the light, showcasing what Grizzly Peak Farm's is synonymous with – high-quality cannabis.



Genetics (South African Land Race)

When people think of sativas, they think Durban Poison. This landrace strain comes from the South African city, Durban. A longtime consumer favorite, Durban Poison brings the ultimate uplifting experience. Every trichome dusted nug is lime green with deep emerald hues laced throughout it, allowing the orange pistils to pop on each well-manicured bud. Grizzly Peak’s Durban Poison has a distinct black licorice smell with creamy sweet notes that lingers on your palate once smoked. The dynamic flavor profile has hints of lemon and anise that welcome the clear-headed effects to come. Most consumers who love Durban Poison regard it as the epitome of a sativa, with extreme euphoria and focus that remains stimulating during the entire high. Ideal for cleaning the house, errands, and creative projects, this classic and potent strain will never disappoint when you need a refreshing and energetic boost.



Genetics (Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk)

Grizzly Lemon Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid which offers the user an energetic experience. Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk blend together effortlessly producing a strain that provides a boost of energy and focusing effects, with a dynamic terpene profile that will leave you buzzing. Each trichome covered bud is bursting with limonene and citrus terpenes which are incredibly prevalent in the aromatics, giving off strong notes of lemon. Smoking Grizzly Lemon Haze is like biting into a refreshing citrus fruit that leaves the user alert and euphoric. Perfect for a hike during the day or creative tasks, this chemovar is ideal for turning otherwise mundane tasks into an exciting and blissful event.



Genetics (Killer Grape x Sour Banana Sherbet)

Say “goodnight” with Jelly Donut, Grizzly Peak’s delectable and potent indica dominant strain. Killer Grape and Sour Banana Sherbet are the genetics behind this sleep-inducing and peaceful chemovar. Each grape colored bud is covered in white trichomes and features a sweet and full-bodied profile. The flavor of Jelly Donut is unmatched. The smooth smoke melts in your mouth as the fruits and berries blend with lavender floral notes and create a relaxing and aromatic experience. With sedative properties that soothe the user, but maintains mood elevation into a cozy dream-like state. Fantastic for those looking to get to bed quickly and for calming the mind.



Genetics (Grape Pie x Thin Mint Cookies)

Lava Cake is a potent purple lover's dream indica that will ease you into deep relaxation. Grape Pie and Thin Mint Cookies combine to create a light and cozy strain with a distinctive appearance. The plump plum-colored buds are packed with cannabinoids and a dynamic terpene profile, delivering a sweet and gassy scent that blends harmoniously. On exhale, expect a creamy and candy-like flavor, making it a rich and savory experience. The effects are extensive and body-oriented, causing limbs and eyelids to feel weighted down as tension begins to drift away, making it an excellent choice for an end-of-day smoke to promote relaxation and mood elevation.



Genetics (Larry OG x Chem Dawg)

Motor Breath is a balanced hybrid that revs up relaxation without reducing energy. Larry Og and Chem Dawg are two sought after strains that combine to create a gassy experience unlike any other chemovar on the market. Each large shamrock colored nug releases a strong petrol scent that intensifies on exhalation. Living up to its name, Motor Breath leaves a strong taste of fuel on your tongue that immediately deepens relaxation while adding a burst of brightness to each experience. Great for social activities and for an evening smoke session that won’t tire you out, Motor Breath is a fantastic choice for the everyday consumer.



(Skywalker x OG)

Skywalker OG is a potent hybrid that will take you to the stars and beyond. Mazar, Blueberry, and OG Kush are expertly crossed to produce a strain that's so incredibly potent you'll think you too can use the force. Every dense bud is coated in trichomes has a mixture of green and purple hues. One smell and you'll understand why this complex aroma is a must-try for cannabis connoisseurs everywhere. The earthiness of the OG Kush invites you in, while dynamic notes of blueberries and pine dance around, creating a unique experience. Skywalker OG has a fruity flavor with a sweet aftertaste that lingers on your palate long after. With the first hit of this tranquil chemovar, most consumers feel immediately relaxed by the heavy body effects that promote calmness and stress relief. The soothing and sedative effects take hold while euphoria sets in, making Skywalker OG the perfect strain to transport you to a galaxy far, far away.



Genetics (Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie)

Sundae Driver is an indica that lets you have dessert whenever you want. By crossing Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie, you get this delectable terpene-rich strain that will sate any sweet tooth. Each pungent vibrant purple nug appears glazed in trichomes and releases an intense aroma upon opening up the jar. Sundae Driver has a dynamic smell, with candy and creamy sweetness at the forefront allowing the fruit notes to shine through at the tail end. Each hit is exceptionally flavorful, with the expected sugary flavoring coupled with more complex savory notes that are a must-try for terpene enthusiasts. The effects are wide-ranging and deliver an immediate boost of mood elevation with a calming body high alongside it. Sundae Driver is a balanced chemovar while still being a perfect addition to any day, offering extreme euphoria and relaxation for any occasion.



Genetics (Tokyo OG)

Tokyo OG is the vibrant hybrid that transports you on the vacation you need right now. The dense light green buds have lavender hues and release a pungent sweet aroma the moment you break into the jar. Tokyo OG has a complex fragrance profile with a sweet and gassy scent that doesn’t disappoint when consumed. Every hit ushers in a luscious and smooth smoke that leaves behind strong earthy hints of berries with a mild citrus flavor on the backend. This chemovar is a well-rounded strain that brings brightness and laughs to every session. Perfect for a relaxing night in without crashing too early and for promoting mood elevation.



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